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About the project

(a cura della Prof.ssa Stefania GABRIELE)

The Project aspires to create new friends and promote learning/improvement of the English language through an exchange of letters, season’s greetings cards, postcards, short video with foreign students.



– Learning/Improving the English language
– Motivating and stimulating curiosity
– Promoting the creation of new friends and exchange of information with foreign
– Increasing the knowledge of vocabulary, functions, structures




Arranging and sending letters, season’s greetings cards, postcards, short video, as follows:

Letter: Introducing oneself, school, place of origin, family, pets
+ Xmas/New Year card

Postcard: place of origin

Letter: house, possessions/lucky charms, hobby, sport, spare time, daily routine
+ Easter card

Postcard: Happy Holidays!
+ short video “For knowing each other better!”




Aims achievement – New friends – Better linguistic competence




From 11 to 12 (IF/IG)


Foreign Languages

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A proposito del progetto

L’idée du projet est de connecter des étudiants italiens avec des étudiants étrangers qui étudient le français comme deuxième langue communautaire.
Se connaître signifie aussi apprécier les différences et apprendre à les aimer. Le projet consiste à échanger des e-mails entre les élèves et à mener des conversations par skype et on présentera l’école, la ville, la région, les traditions ,la musique en utilisant des photos, des vidéos et des travaux powerpoint.






About the project

A cura delle Prof.sse BALENA Angela & GABRIELE Stefania

The Project aspires to promote the learning of the English Language through an Internet exchange of postcards and/or short letters with foreign teenagers.


  • Motivating and stimulating curiosity
  • Promoting the creation of new friendships and the exchange of information with foreign penpals also with reference to culture and civilization
  • Improving the use of the English language


Work process

(February – May)

Arranging and sending postcards and/or short letters, by eTwinning portal, introducing oneself to foreign penpals and writing about: family, house, school, daily routine, free time, pets, …

Expected results

Aims achievement and better linguistic competence


English – Italian

Age range

From 11 to 12 (ID & IG)


Foreign Languages

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a cura delle Prof.sse


The spirit of Christmas should not be just for one day but for the whole year!

Wishing you LOVE, JOY and PEACE the whole year round”



I nostri ragazzi augurano Buon Natale ai loro corrispondenti della Francia, Polonia, Tunisia e Turchia con dei cartoncini natalizi creati da loro. A breve riceveranno quelli inviati dai partners eTwinner”

un prodotto  La Pyramide Alimentairein gruppola classe a lavoro


A proposito del progetto 2A e 3A

A cura della Prof.ssa P. Accoto

Créer et envoyer des cartes de voeux illustrant les traditions de Noel.


– apprendre à exprimer des voeux de Noël dans une situation de communication authentique
– apprendre le français d’une façon active, créative et agréable
– communiquer en français avec des élèves français et se sentir membre de la grande famille francophone


– les élèves font du bricolage en classe pour fabriquer des décorations et des cartes et écrivent les voeux de Noël en français
– les créations sont envoyées, réçues par l’école partenaire à maniére de pouvoir les afficher à l’entrée de l’école


– Pour les élèves:
1. Esprit d’équipe en classe – travailler ensemble pour participer à un projet commun
2. Atmosphère agréable en classe, motivation
– Pour l’école:
1. Créer un “coin e-twinning” à l’entrée de l’école où les créations seront exposées pour que tous les élèves et enseignants puissent les voir
2. Une école décorée avec des créations et des cartes en français réçues d’une autre école, c’est une école “ouverte” au monde.

A proposito del progetto 3E

A cura della Prof.ssa P. Accoto

The project deals with articles about subjects chosen and written by our pupils for an on-line magazine.The idea is to encourage our pupils to know more about their European partners, to communicate and exchange about topics of their own choices, for example sports, films / music, everyday life, fashion, traditions, festivals, food and games. The emphasis will be laid on cooperation and collaboration between schools. The aim is to establish friendship and to give them responsibilities to create the magazine.


The aim is to make our pupils write articles about their countries and about topics of their own choices. The articles will be written by groups of pupils from different countries. Working and sharing together will allow them to get to know each other better, to achieve a broader view of their countries and of the specifities of the areas where they live. The other aims are : being able to talk about themselves ; expressing their own ideas, sharing their partners’ opinions ; discussing about their likes and dislikes, exchanging ideas on events taking place in Europe or in the rest of the world ; improving their abilities in using I.C.T. ; being more confident ; taking initiatives ; and above all working in groups. Priority must be given to collaboration.



1st step : Introducing onseself, videos, emails and photos (individual work) and a guessing game ‘Who is who ?’ Voki, thinglink.
2nd step : Presentation of the region and the place where they live.
3rd step : Choosing topics, subjects for the articles.
4th step : Composition of groups of a few pupils taken from each school. Choosing a group leader to establish the links between members of the group.
5th step : Groupwork : Exchanging ideas on the forum, in the chat, on a blog ?
6th step : Writing articles, selecting pictures.
7th step : Presentation of the magazine, the cover, the table of contents, …
8th step : Visioconference to have a look at the evolution of the magazine.


EXPECTED RESULTS : Establishing or strengthening the bonds of friendship ; improved motivation ; improved ability in using I.C.T. ; increasing our pupils’ confidence and their sense of responsibility and tolerance as well as their culture and knowledge about the European countries involved in the project ; improving their writing capacity ; making their own decisions. Knowing more about their European partners’ ways of living and interests while having fun. The creation of the online magazine must be the result of a real cooperation and collaboration of all partners.



a cura della prof.ssa A. De Donno

About the project

This project will involve teenagers learning English from different European countries (France and Italy). Students will get to know each other virtually through internet tools (emails, videoconference, etc) and possibly in person at some point. The project will stretch for the school year 2016-2017. During the project, we will focus on topics such as self-introduction, family, hobbies, pastimes, sports likes and dislikes, presentations and comparisons of schools, world and European celebrations… We will also share and learn about the culture, the traditions and the customs of the different partners.


The project has several aims which can be listed as follows:
– increasing the pupils’ motivation in learning a foreign language
– triggering cultural openness and open-mindedness
– stimulating curiosity about the other among the teenagers.
– learning about another culture, another country.
– exchanging information about teenagers’ everyday life
– improving one’s use of a foreign language, in every form : writing , reading, listening , speaking,
– mastering the use of the Internet and of all the computer related tools
– starting new friendships via Internet Tools.

Work process

Here is an overview of the previsional schedule for the months to come:
October 2016: Nice to meet you!: The pupils introduce themselves to their penpals.
November 2016: “This is my school”: presentation of our respective schoold
December 2016: “Merry Christmas”: exchange of Christmas cards between the different penpals.
January 2017: Happy New Year! New Year’s Resolutions.
February 2017: My favourite celebrity
March 2017: Celebrations (presentations about celebrations in the English speaking World and around Europe)
April 2017: The World of Sports: My favourite athlete and my favourite sport.
May 2017: Who is your hero?
Organising a video-conference between the pupils once or twice during the year would be a good opportunity for the different penpals to see each other and chat with one another.

Expected results

– Having a better awareness of the other.
– Increasing the pupils’ s curiosity, open-mindedness and tolerance.
– Making new friends.
– Getting to know each other.
– Improving one’s use of a foreign language.


English, français, italiano

Age range

From 12 to 13


Cross Curricular, European Studies, Foreign Languages




a cura della prof.ssa A. De Donno

About the project

The final draft of our project will be a publishment of an on-line brochure on which virtual readers will have the opportunity to know more about both Tunisian and Italian cultures, customs and traditions, lifestyles and thoughts, landmarks, must-visit historical and cultural sites, and the wonderful landscapes and sights which may help attract more tourists and visitors. The project also will show how much both Italian and Tunisian people share things despite their differences. Photographs, videos and pieces of writing will enrich the brochure content and some weekly and monthly activities done collaboratively between both Tunisian and Italian students will help improve their communicative skills as well as I.T ones.


By the publishment of the final draft of the brochure our students will be able to :
* improve communicative skills while using The English language and become more fluent.
* Learn about our partner’s language ( English and Arabic ) and use a foreign language ( French ).
* Learn how to use some web tools appropriately and improve one’s I.T skills.
* Be open to different cultures, customs, civilizations and lifestyles and learn how to be tolerant.
* Know more about others ( Their everyday life, customs , traditions, lifestyles, thoughts ) and exchange ideas about some shared problems like pollution, generation gap and globalization.
* Be responsible for achieving a project and celebrate the success of fruitful efforts.
* Feel that one can contribute to the promotion of one’s country’s tourism and put aside prejudice which cripple the brotherhood between people all over the world

Work process

I and my students will collaborate and work with Anna De Donno and her students as well through etwinning, e-mails, and video conferences. Only my school and gars are involved and as well as for our students. Our students will be grouped in 4, and there will be a head student as a representative of each group to post what he and his classmates want to under the supervision, guide and help of the teacher. Both students from both countries will communicate together , exchange posts, help with the correction, and comment on them. The students will also take photos and videos and post them in relation to a monthly topic, so each month , both teachers provide a topic to be posted on the on-line brochure and the students will work on it all month long. Each term ( 3 months ) the students will hang out via web cam and either discuss matters, find solutions to some problems in relation to web tools misuse or posts, or to express themselves through traditional clothes defilé , songs …

Expected results

By the final draft , We will be able to produce an on-line brochure on etwinning and it will be an opportunity for each etwinner to know more about people, cultures and sites of etwinners coming from countries belonging to our community.
It also shows knowledge about I.T skills by using web tools which some etwinners need to know more about them and will have the opportunity to contact us for help.